04 or 05 yz450f?

If you are able I would grease every bearing on it cause yamaha does not use much grease or should I say the grease they use is crap. I greased every bearing I had first thing. Glad u like your new toy and ride safe!! :)

Okay, this is gonna sound a bit "green"...but I hope y'all will help me out none the less...

rmracer27, where are "all" of the bearings located that I should grease? I'm not too familiar with full on MX bikes - although my son races a KTM Pro Senior and I know that bike well, this is a bit different.

Also, what kind of handlebars would you recommend for a guy who is 6'9" tall? I weigh about 250 and I'd like to get some bars that will work for the track as well as the trails if possible...

Is everyone running yamalube products?

U will have several bearing in the swingarm assem. They come with grease but very little. I would also grease the steering assem. bearings along with the wheel bearings. Just use a real good waterproof grease.

I can't help you with the handlebar help cause I'm 6'0 and just using the stock renthals that came on it. Hope this will help u out..

Ahh, okay. I should have realized that myself. Thanks rmracer27. Headset, swingarm and wheels - got it.

As far as bars go I would say Pro Tapers with the universal mounts. I think the Pastrana freestyle bend was the highest I saw. The universal mounts will give you 3/4" plus whatever the height on the bars. Not sure if anybody else has mentioned the decompressor plug but you definately need to get the TT one and replace the plastic piece that comes stock. You might be able to lower the pegs also. There was a mod that put the spring on top of the peg instead of the bottom. That would help you out l little more also.

Hey congradulations on your new bike! As to your Yamalube question, thats all I've ever used in my 03 450 and have no complaints. When I purchased by bike it was in need of an oil change bad, the engine was noisey and the oil was milky, must have been submergered at least once. I changed the oil, useing Yamalube, ran it for 20 min then changed it again, it came out black as night, so I repeated the process again. After all the oil chainges the engine is much more quiet. I love my 450 and Im pretty sold on Yamalube oil as well, It really cleaned and silenced the engine. Hope this was helpfull, and congrats on the new bike, be safe and enjoy.

big t - Thanks for the advice...I'll check out the Pro Tapers w/ universal mounts tomorrow. I'm not familiar w/ the decompressor plug - what is it and where would I find the "TT" version? Also, how hard is it to replace that part?

freekstyle - thanks.

The decomp plug is on the forward righthand side of the engine. Just below the valve cover on the head. It's got a black plastic plug about the size of a nickel. http://shop.thumpertalk.com/category_s/343.htm

If that plastic plug comes out you start losing oil. It's very easy to change. Just pry out the plastic piece, remove the screw on the side of the head, insert the TT plug and put the screw back in. Unlike the plastic plug which doesn't have anything holding it in the screw holds the TT plug in.

big t- Thanks! I'll do it ASAP.

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