witch 450 can pull the best wheelies??

I wanna bust big poppa wheelies so I need to know witch 450 is the best one to do it????????

uhhhh all of them. u tryin to win a contest?

yah man I wanna win the busting big poppa wheelies contest

To quote grayracer513:

This is because it's a full moon tomorrow, isn't it?

I have had better luck with wheelies on a CRF 450, More of a controlable power,

I bet the 05 YZF 450 would be a good wheelie bike though, even better with a 51 tooth rear.

With guys being able to ride mile long wheelies on 50's and mopeds, I'm gonna say rider skill is just as important as horsepower in wheelies...

Practice, practice, pratice...

That said, my YZ450 will power wheelie in any gear. It gets no easier than that. :)

The real question is what will win in a race, a YZ450f or a YZ85?

Yeah the 05 will do some good wheelies. The 05 is easier to wheelie than the other years. Mostly depends on the rider on far u can go.


see my previos post on most pwerful 450. follow my instructions. pill biggest wheelies ever

The one that flips over last wins!

All you need is a fiddy!!!

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