K&N good or bad

is the k&n a good filter for the yzf 450 in the dunes. I see all the race bikes there with them. If I use the outer wear is it good for the dunes, i hear it gives you a little more power then the other filters.


I would go with the Uni or Twin Air. I have been reading alot of post on TT about the K&N passing some dust. I had one on a four wheeler and it did let some thru and it had the outer wear on it.

The reason K&N's have a higher flow and may give you a little more power is because they filter less. I don't recall the micron numbers, but I wouldn't put a K&N on anything that sees dirt. There is no way to increase flow without reducing the amount it filters. Twin Air or Uni is a better way to go, especially in the sand...

Increasing the physical size of the filter would increase flow due to larger surface area.

I've read many pro and con articles on K&N's, but I can tell you I ran one in my old 250R honda in the dunes for years without a hitch. A fresh K&N wrapped with an outerwear is the hot ticket in the dunes. I still had my airbox which probably helped.........

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