looked at the 450x today

One of the guys in today's group had a brand new 450x, and boy was it sweet. I didn't take him up on the offer to ride it though.Everyone that rode it said it was a tractor but 5th gear was a little week. It went everywhere my 650 did with very little effort but needs to be geared for the desert.


What are you smokin' :)

There's NO WAY the CRF450X is a tractor like the XR650R.

If you look at horsepower/torque curve dyno chart of an XR650R, you'll see why they're so fun to ride. They have FAT torque and horsepower that starts LOW in the RPM's.

Many of the other bikes put out big horsepower numbers, but you have to rev them out to 10,000 freakin' RRM to get to it! With the XR650R, it's right there at the twist of your throttle NOW.

Here's the example that Max Power posted on another thread...

XR650R Chart:


DRZ 400 E Chart:


As much as we long for the days of tough, reliable, easy to work on dirtbikes, I fear our wants will fall on deaf ears. The manufacturers are highly unlikely (as much as I'd like them too!) to go back to old tech in the design of dirtbikes. Most of us wanted whizz-bang gadgetry, now we've got it.

What we wanted was a bike that was light as a feather, durable as an XR, with electric starters. Problem is it ain't gonna happen. With lightness comes long term durability issues. And it does seem like they are not going to retain both lines of bikes. The big XR650R is the last of a breed. The reason Honda is quiting the XR line is they simply are not selling. It's true that once they are gone there will be a large cult following remembering the good ol days. I'll be a part of that following.

At the same time I am guilty of wanting all the things that made them drop the XR line in the first place. Once I had one of the newer bikes I realized how nice they are to ride but still I ride my XR650 more often than I do my high tech bike. Mostly because I know the high tech bike does not have the longevity of the XR and I'm trying to prolong the years of enjoyment it will bring me. And the XR is fun to ride.

Personally I hope Honda retains the XR650R for many years and adds an electric start to it. They need to realize that there will be a following for the old school durability. Folks that are not as conerned about wieght as they are comfort, dependable longevity and the power to perform. That is the what the XR650R is all about. :)

Dual Sport, I never said any of what you claim???I only said the guys that rode it said it was a tractor and that it went everywhere my bike did. I didn't make any motor or power claims vis a vis the 650. :naughty:

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