Clutch problems on 00 YZ426?

I just bought my first 4-stroke...a 00 426. When taking off from a start it kind of jerks 2 or three times and surges to get going when releasing clutch :) . I have feathered it as much as I could thinking it was just me at first but it deffinatly does not feel right. Been riding all my life, is it just the nature of the beast or do I need to repair clutch? Also what or weare can I find valve clearance specs? You guys are the pros at this thumper stuff Im still learning! :) Thanks a lot!

I would take apart your clutch and look at your plates and basket sounds to me like pads are possibly starting to go and if you are new to the bike examine the basket for marks on the cogs that would cause problems.

This should help you out a little:

hope this helps you it is for a 250 but relevent to Yamaha look around on that site a lot of usefull info :)

If it is on the original clutch it is time for a complete replacement of all the disk, pressure plate, hub and basket...

My 2000 always did that and its a faulty design. They changed it in 01. Do a search for 01 clutch mod and you will find all the info to change over to the 01 clutch. Use stock clutch parts they work the best. Costs a little over $100 but its worth it.

Ok so is this a specific kit that is made to transition from 00 to 01 or do I just buy the 01 basket and clutch?

I beleive you can just put in an 01 basket and clutch. The guy I bought mine from had just replaced the clutch and put in Hinson parts, but others I've talked with say that put in an '01.

You have to get a specific basket for the 2000 model because the gear you need to remove from the original basket mounts differently between 2000 & 2001. 2000 models were notorious for grabby clutches. Just purchase the plates and steels for the 2001. Your basket is probably fine. Btw it has springs not pads. You could use the basket from the 2001 if it comes with the gear installed, but you cant purchase the gear seperately from Yamaha.

You dont need baskets and gears. Only the 01 plates and friction disks and a rod and bearing. changes out in 10 minutes. Do a search and you will find the parts list with part #'s.

01 clutch mod is the best money spent on a 2000 426, period! :naughty:

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