Excessive clutch cable slack?

I picked up an 03 YZ450 the other day and was going through it yesterday and noticed that I can't adjust the clutch out anymore. I have all the slack adjusted out of the cable and at the perch but it's still not enough. I know the previous owner put in a Hinson clutch basket, a 426 clutch arm and an extra plate in the clutch to fix the chattering problem the 03's had. Is this why I can't adjust the slack out of the clutch? I was thinking of either cutting off the arm and welding it back on where there is more throw on the cltuch arm or buying a hydraulic clutch. Is there another fix for this? I haven't looked to see the condition of the clutch plates but even if they were worn out, there still shouldn't be this much slack.



Check it for an aftermarket replacement clutch cable. Sometimes they are too "universal" or mismarked/packaged. I had the same problem with our '03, bought the OEM Yamaha cable, problem solved. :)

It does have a motion pro clutch cable on it. I didn't think of that, good call. I'll pick up a Yamaha one today and see if that helps.

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