02 426 Oil Level queuestion...

Hello all, I went to take my bike out for a ride today and before i went i checked the oil level, it seemed a bit low (just touching the dip stick) so i threw a bit of clean oil into the bike where the dip stick goes in. Before i left the level was at the halfway mark on the dip stick.

After riding for about an hour i pulled up and turned off the bike and noticed there was a small amount of cream colored oil that was dripping out of the breather hose on the left side of the bike. The fist thing i did was pull the dip stick out and checked it and the oil was up to the full mark and was still nice and clean, not cream colored.

Could this be caused by excess oil maybe being in the dry sump when the bike was last run? Which cased excess oil in the system and was simply blown out?

Any help is much appreciated

You ahve to start the bike for at least a minute at idle, then let it set for a minute. THen check the oil. the 2002 calls for 1400cc of oil.

some oil out the breather is normal.

Ok great, thanks for the info.

Hi Daz 426 , this is my first post, so here go,s. The vent pipe that exits the

rocker cover, and is fastened to the lower engine cover(Left handside near foot peg).

Releases hot oil vapour and small amounts of oil, As soon as it leaves the engine it cool rapidly mixes with atmospheric moisture and this results in an emulisfyed oil dripping from the vent pipe.

My Yamaha Wr426 02, Will ,after a good thrashing on a cold morning, leave a few drop of this creamy oil, when left to stand.

Don,t worry about it.

Thats a relief :)

Thanks Rich

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