xr600r no spark

hi my 1987 xr600r is not starting and it has no spark befor when i kick the bike the lights go on but know nothing goes on a had this problem bofor i checked the wiring took the stator off put it back on and spark cam back know i cheked all wires they look good but i dont know how they work any body have any idea :)

i just checked the wires from the stator are ok and all the rest seem fine can any body tell me what do i check next and how anything helps

Bad stator, almost 100% guaranteed.

Read my post in the following thread on how to troubleshoot this common issue:


If the stator resistance is out of spec then the stator will need to be replaced. It is very common on these older bikes, as the stator runs in the hot engine oil, unlike the newer bikes.

Hope this helps.

The ignition and lights are run by different parts of the stator. It could still be bad with the lights coming on.

My brothers xr400 stator just went bad.. and the resistance was ok on the ignition windings (89 ohms). I pulled the cover and found that the pulse generators mount had BROKEN/MELTED and it was flopping around loose, hanging on by its wires!! :)

I almost didn't pull the cover thinking I wouldn't be able to tell if the stator was bad just by looking at it.. glad I did. $150 to Ricky Stator later, and all's well. and a brighter headlight to boot.

ok i cheaked the stator ignition it shows good and cheanged the light bulbs they go on now but no spark should i look for cdi box

It is not uncommon to have a 'good' resistance spec but have no output. I rarely do a resistance check and just go right to peak output. If the stator's okay, check the ignition coil, if the coil's okay then replace the CDI.

how do i cheak the output if the lights go on when i kick the bike is output good then

The stator has two seperate circuits.....the ignition stator coils and the lighting stator coils. They are NOT inner-connected. When my ignition stator coils went out, the lighting coils were still functional. However they are both physically mounted to the stator, so they are replaced as a set.

Just because you are getting some voltage for the lights, means absolutely nothing regarding if you are getting any output from the igintion stator coils.

Double check the resistance from the Black/Red wire to ground - you have to use a Digital volt meter. Your resistance must be within the range in my earlier post - if it is to high or low then the stator is bad. If the reading are somewhere near the limits of what is considered good, the stator could still be bad.

I outlined procedures to check all other igntion items in link to a earlier post several messages ago. This will run you thru checking the ignition pulse generator, ignition coil, spark plug cap, stator. The only item you cannot check with normal equipment is the CDI, but the CDI's don't fail very often. The weakest link on these bikes is the stator.

Hope this helps.

every thing seems fine how can i cheak the stator to be 100% shure

and the stator inside looks good (to me it does) is there any thing i should look for in the stator

and the stator inside looks good (to me it does) is there any thing i should look for in the stator

I think the only way to really know is with the peak voltage test. My old multimeter wouldn't capture it either. Truck it down to the shop and have them hook it up and test it, then you'll know. I feel your pain on this, it sucks having no fire and no idea why. Especially considering the parts (stator, cdi, coil) are expensive and non returnable so you don't want to go taking pot-shots at it..

good luck. :naughty:

bought a new rickystator still no spark any other advise

I just bought a '93 650L. The previous owner had no spark so he bought a new stator. Still no spark until he replaced the CDI unit. Better check everything before you buy. :naughty:


thanks alot guys the spark is back it was the stator i dident connect the new one correctly old one is trash got a new probmel exhaust goes red in like 30sec after started right nexto the motor any idea anyone

Sounds like the timing is retarded.

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