boiling antifreeze

after about ten minutes of riding i here a hissing noise from my radiator and the plastic tank under the rear fender is boiling. when the bike is cool the radiator and plastic tank appear o.k. . :) any thoughts?

it happens to me from time to time. but it takes more then 10 min and it only happens on when I'm riding the most insane of single track.

Old coolant?

Radiator fins crushed closed or plugged? Airflow ok?

Is it boiling or is it possible that you have a leaking cylinder and gases are being pushed into the tank?

I think it was Frostbite who did some investigation into "heating" of the Wr


Pm him for the details, I think by putting "heat-tape" on the the bottom section of the radiator (not over the finned area) it helped it run 350 degrees cooler.

I hope it wasn't a dream.

thanks i got some good info

thanks for the info

If its boiling over in 10 minutes there is isues. I wonder if the radiator cap isn't holding pressure.

You could be right YZ.

Is it a 50/50 mix of antifreeze to water? If you have too much water/too little antifreeze, you will have a significantly lower boiling point.

Maybe try some engine ice?

Wrong, see the post by "Newblue"

Thanks Again I'll Keep An Eye On It

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