Any WR400 owners ridden a 01 YZ426

Just wanting to see if any of you have

ridden a YZ 426 and your impressions

on it.

with a few mods would it be as good a

trail/enduro race bike as my 99 WR400

Rich, I have a friend who rides an YZ426, I have ridden it a few times, the bike is really fast!!! The only thing that my friend doesnt like about the bike is that it goes through the gears real fast. I feel that the tranny on my WR400 is much better for off-road riding, The YZ426 is a great track bike though. I have ordered my WR426 already and cant wait to ride it. See ya, Dan

I agree with Dan, it's a great track bike. I spent a day in the desert on a pre-production YZ 426 last month, basically trying to ride around on our normal dual-sport loops. The bike was insanely fast, and just begs to be ridden that way. Part-throttle cruising is virtually impossible, it's either WOT or coasting, with very little engine braking. The powerband absolutely forces you to race it agressively, which by the way wore me out in 20 minutes :) Of course, nobody could catch me either :D Whoops? Just gas it and skim over the tops, really amazing. My buddies on WR's and XR's were also worn out after 20-30 minutes on the bike. It's got a nice feel on the new oversized front brake rotor, and very stiff suspension, so no sitting allowed (I'm 150 lbs). Very close ratio gearing, 1st is tall, and 5th is not tall enough for the street. No downshifting needed on dirt roads, just crack the throttle a bit and let the spinning rear wheel catch you back up to speed...

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