03 WR450 Starter Upgrade?

What's this about a starter upgrade to an 04? My 03 is weak as weak gets. It has always been weak. Unless I'm in technical stuff, I usually just kickstart it, at least until it gets really warmed up (30+ minutes later). New Battery? Any suggestions? :)


The 03 wr450 needs an upgraded Torque Limiter.

Yamaha Part # 5TJ-15560-00-00

This will keep the Woodruff key from breaking and destroying your case.

It can happen when the bike backfires.

See www.wr450.com

Click photos, then select *04 Starter Conversion Mod Instructions

It will give you step by step instructions and photos

It has nothing to do with your weak starting motor.

The starting motor are the same in both 03 and 04.

Could be the battery but I just got done replacing my starting motor.

$221.00 :)

Check the battery first, if all is OK, then you may want to look at the starting motor. Mine was sluggish and made alot of noise.

Good Luck

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