Anybody interested in YZ426 Tank&shrouds/subframe/airbox/seat/side panels??

I have the oportunity to buy 03 parts for my 426 to give it that 03 look :)

Anyhow is anybody interested in my 02 stuff?? I am not putting the stuff up for sale yet as I'd like to know if my stuff could sell after I bought the 03 items.. Any takers??

-Tanks and shrouds like new with graphics,will come with gas cap not frame mounts

-subframe in ex condition,nice and straite

-brand new ceet seat cover(NON slip) never even sat on yet

-blue acerbis side plates like new

-rear fender in ok condition

-air box good condition will be minus intake boot

if interested shoot me a pm

how much 4 the side plates and how much to ship

how much 4 the side plates and how much to ship

side plates-45.00 include shipping

tank and shrouds-150.00 includs shipping

seat-60.00 include shipping

sub frame-125.00 include shipping

airbox-25.00 include shipping


I think those are fair prices....

Is that Canadian money?

Is that Canadian money?

Sorry yes thats in Canadian $$

Thanks Satch, your bike is my inspiration:)

I think it's worth it. I had many a argument at the track trying to convince people it actually was a 426! LOL. The oil dipstick location gives it away in the end! LOL

BTW...I sold my 426.....I do miss that bike.

Hey satch, i had no idea that you could fit 03 stuff on a 426! i have a 98 400 can i put them on there i think everything is the same??? what all did you have to do to your bike to make the new plastic fit?

I won't go into detail. Do a search on here...I had a long post/thread about it. It does require some modifications but they are all simple.

how much is 45,00 dollars in your money how much is that in u.s money

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