dvp 5# 45 pilot 168 main 2 turns out 4 miles fouled plug..

well first i tried the needle at 4# seemed to run good but dead spot on the bottom..

so I moved to the 5# went for a ride to me it was runing good till I got on some rough stuff then the plug fouled..

Ok now does this make sence to anyone....

Now that I think about it I seem to have lots of problems when I practice on a mx track or I'm on bumpy ground is there something that could cause my bike to foul plugs because of bumps..


Did the pilot screw need to be turned back in a little when you switched to the richer clip?? To about 2 turns sounded OK. :)

The float level can increase with the shaking around and bouncing. Clark has suggested lowering it by 1mm which is a good idea.

Are you confident the accelerator pump has enough delay, starts squirting between 1/8 and 1/4 throttle. (talked about it before, I know)

Are any overflow tubes clogged?

Fouling the plug sucks. :D

James Dean

[This message has been edited by James Dean (edited 11-02-2000).]

I turned the screw to 2 turns out before I left.....

I'll have to check everything again..

It won't hurt to lower the float 1mm...

I'll try that also...

my slide is about a .5 inch open when it starts to squirt gas...

If everything seems good in the carb I'll move the clip back to 4# try that....

If I was to yz time my bike would that help It to burn the fuel better...

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