Stripped out threads

in the connecting link that connects the lower shock mount to the swingarm.

I cut down a grade 8 bolt and nut to clear the linkage but am not completely confident in the repair.

Any experience with this? Heli-Coil repair, anyone have an extra link to sell?


Been there...Done that

Buy a new linkage and bearings.

There's a chance the "quick fix" won't hold up. If it doesn't, you'll have more damage (swing arm, shock) and possibly injury to yourself.

why wouldnt that work? its not gonna break is it?

Here We Go.... I had a 00' YZ426 with what seems to have had the same problem at you have currently. Costed me alot more that it should have, was going to tell you my whole ordeal, but will not for the sake of time, and the fact that im extremely tired.... Did the grade 8 quick fix, not so good is all I have to say... Just get the new linkage pieces, off ebay even if your concerned about the price. Its not worth your saftey. :)

sounds like I'll get a new or good used linkage,

will the linkage from a 2003 YZ450f fit? I see the part #'s are different,

what do you think?

Who has the best prices for OEM parts online? My local dealers are full list all the time.



Found an online dealer,

excellent prices on OEM parts

the parts I need, relay arm, bearings, seals, about $108.00 + shipping

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