YZF tanlk and Seat on 04 WR 450F

After searching past threads it appears that this topic has been well discussed. But the question I have that remains - after reading some conflicting threads - is whether you can put a stock YZF tank and seat on a 04 WR bike. Most threads said this was possible but they were mainly talking about earlier bikes. A few later threads said they had problems with this mod on later bikes because there was not enough space under the seat due to the battery and airbox location on the WR 450F.

I am aware that Clarke makes a nice 2.8 gallon tank that works well on both the YZ and WR, which I will likely get but. . . I really wanted to go the smaller stock tank for when I chance my son around at the MX track.

So please Thumper Gods will you please address my confusion. Any input is greatly appreciated,


Tanks and seats fit both bikes :):p

Shrouds for wr and yz's are the only difference. you'll need to buy another set


the problems are with the 05's (they changed a few things) 03-04 you can swap as long as you use yz tank,seat and shrouds together. you'll have to use yz shrouds with that 2.8 clarke also,it just accepts both seats(yz/wr) the 2.8 is the same width as stock. :)

Thanks for the replies as I was very interested in this as well. Oh what knowledge floats around these parts. :) Anyone got a Clarke tank, if so how do you like it. Thanks, Black n Blue

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