92 XR600R-how to measure cam chain wear

I'm doing a top-end job (its first) on my 92 XR600R. I've torn it down and sent the cylinder and cylinder head out for reconditioning. I went to look up how to measure the cam chain wear and the Haynes manual procedure was to do the measurement while the cam chain was fully installed. It's a bit late for that now. Is there any other way of measuring wear? eg measuring the length of a specific number of links?


I would change it. There not that expensive.

Change dat sucker !!! That is a part that wears alot... Even if its in limits now, you dont want it wearing out soon after your rebuild :) . Its very expensive if it ever breaks :D . Since you have already done the work to get it out (the hardest part), it would be foolish not to change it. Its not that expensive :p .

You can get new genuine Honda parts very cheaply at Service Honda, they are great :) !!!! I ordered over 100 parts from them on my rebuild and they got every last one right, and did i say CHEAP :D


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