WB E2 Install

I just picked up an E2 of Ebay for my '01 WR426 and wondering if anyone out there has the install instructions? The headpipe connection looks a lot different than on my E series. As a matter of fact it doesn't look like it will fit on my E headpipe which is a problem since I don't have the stock headpipe for the bike (anybody got one they want to sell???). Also the E2 came with 3 end cap/inserts - one small one, a larger one and one open insert which I'm guessing are quiet, not so quiet and really loud. Anyone know what the db specs are for these?

if you need instructions to bolt on a pipe, maybe you shouldn't be working on your own bike :).

as for it fitting or not fitting you head pipe, looks to me like you got that part figured out already................ :)

Yeah I know it seems simple but actually it's not. The connection is very different from the stock and the other WB's. There's no split in the connection collar so I'm wondering how it is supposed to clamp on and if it uses the stock clamp/gasket or a different clamp/no gasket like the other White Bros. Also I have a stock headpipe for my 450 and it doesn't seem to fit that either and I thought the 450/426 headpipes had the same diameter outlet. Hence the confusion????

some pipes go togther with out any kind of clamp :)

but you have miss mateched parts........ got a tig welder? :)

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