Compare 05 WR450 accleration to 250 2 stroke

I am just trying to get an idea of how the 450 gets up and goes as compared to a newer 250 2 stroke. Quicker, slower or equal? Dont want to turn this into a my bike is faster than yours question, just want to know for comparision sake. This bike really interests me. Thanks.

a stock {choked} wr450 with a beginner rider will be allot slower then a MX bike in the open.

a de choked WR with a good rider will be quite a bit faster in the open due to the wide ratio trans.

and in the bush its 99% rider skill determining speed.

in pure aceleration a 250 2 smoke would kill a wr450 becouse of weight for one and 2 stroke for another bc they rev soo much faster :)

Well that lasted 2 posts, my bike is faster then yours.

Actually that is a pretty fair assesment. The 2 strokes are quick and light, doesn't make them better just what they are. Now on slick surfaces that will give the advantage to the WR, on perfect surfaces advantage 2 stroke. Top speed will go to a WR over a MX bike 2 stroke. The WR will also be able to be ridden for longer because of the way if makes power. Just my opinion

Just take a look at all the 250cc Supercross races, it looks like the two strokes aren't at a disadvantage afterall. I think they're close, like Simon said, rider plays a big part. Traction is key too.

last week had a kind of race open desert space with a KTM 200 /05 , amaizingly we both had the same accelerations till my 5th gear. I was really impressed by the performance of the 2 stroke byce. :):p:)

I've owned both. Prior to my purchase of the 05 WR450 I had a YZ250. The 2-stroke will give you a violent snappy hit while the 4-stroke is more linear, more controlled. Both extremely powerful bikes. Suitability is the key on which to ride. That's why the factory backed cross-country / enduro racers will race both types depending on the track.

Thanks for the help guys. I am torn between keeping mine and getting a 4 stroke.

Thanks for the help guys. I am torn between keeping mine and getting a 4 stroke.


I ride a CR250(occasionally) & WR 450. I really like the smoothness of the WR and it is not as hard to ride. Smooth Power, great torque, easy hill climbs, not worrying about power bands-Power is always there with the 4 stroke. I swore by 2 strokes years ago and I have been saved with the WR!! You can not be disappointed by buying a good 4 stroke (WR) :)

it all depends on youre type of riding. how many 4 strokes do you see at an arena cross race? 4 strokes are best for more open areas.

well im seeing more and more 4 strokes at arenacross races exspecially 125 class on average when i raced my last arenacross race i raced my cr 250 there was half and half most where crf though not too many yamahas

The four strokes have come such a long way, I have ridden both, and im a converted four stroke man. its just too smooth to ignore. It all depends on where you want your power to be, in the high RPM's or always at the twist of your wrist

I had a 2000 YZ250 that I modded with a torquey pipe and a flywheel weight so it might have slowed it down just a tad. I sold it to a friend and bought my 03WR450. So we drag race. Both decent riders. I am 245 lbs. on the 450 and he is about 180 lbs. on the 250. The 450 was just a bike length or less behind the YZ till the 450 started to wind up and pull even in 5th gear. Usually had to shut off by this time cause of runnin out of room due to lack of planning. these were spur of the moment drag races and roll on races. Was pleased with the way the 450 held its own against the YZ250. Either have more power than most of us need for trailriding or the occaisonal enduro. Motocross is a whole different ball game. Just my experience. Difference in weight of riders should have been a little more advantage for the 250 but the 250 might could have used a little freshening up but we both thought bikes were runnin good.

450 4 stroke: Accelerates like a Corvette or any other big displacement normally aspirated (non turbo) sports car. Fast off the line, lots of torque. Linear powerband.

250 2 stroke: Accelarates like a Suburu WRX STI or any other turbocharged sports car. Slow off the line. No power Until Turbo kicks in and then power is explosive and difficult to control. High RPM powerband. Very little low end grunt.

I own a 2003 KTM 250 exc two stroke and a 2004 uncorked WR450. Now we're talking Apples and Apples, since both have wide ratio gear boxes. The KTM has a heavier flywheel than the MX (SX) bike so it's torquier and more controllable. The initial question infers how the 450 would compare to a similar two stroke. Well, that's what I have. Now, that said....there's absolutely no comparison between the two. In all fairness the KTM is a bunch lighter. Fact is, the KTM marginally out handles the WR probably due to the weight and the top heavy feel of the WR, especially in slow going and on rocky terrain. Flat out, the KTM doesn't just walk away, it disappears, seriously. On a motocross track, not even fair. Due to the soft tail on the WR, you can't really jump the bike like you would to be competitive.

Final result, the WR is my wife's bike. Not to be sexist, but she is more timid than I, since I raced MX for many years, and she likes the more controllable, dosile power band. She really likes the magic button too.

Not too many people get the opportunity to run one against the other like we do. Fact is, when I get on the KTM, I'm gone, when she gets on the KTM, she's gone. Nuff said.

Amen to the previous post!

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