YZ Front number plate on my WR???

My bike is a 2001 WR426 - wondering if anyone knows if a 2001 YZ Front number plate will mount to my bike without too many modifications if I remove my front headlight? Would a YZ rear fender bolt up to my WR without too many modifications also? I am assuming that if it does indeed work I will need to purchase the 2001 YZ426 Front Plate & Rear Fender?

Thanks in advance!

Mark Scheitlin

Highland, ILLINOIS

hi you can go to :

DennisKirk.com and go into the body section for parts and find number plates

under the description of the item it says something like more info or applications something like that and it will tell you all the bike that part fits they have done all the homewotk for you. hope this helps :)

thank you very much, have a wonderful Easter holiday!

I dont know about yours but on my 04 450 the yz fender bolts right up and the front number plate goes on without too much work. Just use a little creativity. Good luck, Black n Blue.

I maid a quick release system for my 01 wr426 to switch it back and forth from headlight to plate and back. When I designed it I wanted to keep the odometer on for when we trail ride to know how far out we could go on a tank of gas. With the system I maid you can switch it out in a matter of a couple minutes no tools needed and no stupid looking rubber straps. But to answer your question about the yz plate mounting right on your wr it wont happen they are slightly different enough to screw you over. That is why i made my quick release system... oh and the fact that the headlight got busted out ouch expensive. I figure the less time I have my headlight in in the daytime the less of a chance it will get smashed again.

I performed both of these mods including the rear fender. The front fender simply bolts into the same pattern as the WR front fender. The number plate has issues with all of the brackets that go along with the odometer and light. There are two guide holes near the fender, where two plastic posts from the number plate go. I had to cut about 1/8" to 1/4" to make the plate really seat down into those holes and firm against the fender. There is a mounting screw hole for the plate and a mounting screw hole on the bike that do not match up. I used a zip ty to hold this down and it worked great. The plate is solid and does not move. I replaced the rear fender to a YZ fender. The only modifications to the plastic is to use a dremel tool and cut holes for the radiator reservoir brackets and slide them through the holes. :)

Acerbis YZ rear fender no mods except for the prestone reservoir.

Acerbis front number plate: had to trim a little bit the to pins at the bottom in order to make them fit in the screw holes and I had to add a zipty but this is it. :naughty:


I have an '05 wr450 and tried to put a yz plate (acerbis) on it. With the E-start and my trail tech and brackets, etc...it did not appear possible without removing E-start and seriously modifying trail tech. I also tried a generic rectangle zip-ty plate and the right side stuck out 3-4 inches more than the left due to E-start and trail tech. Does anyone have suggestions that don't require removing components? :naughty:

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