fuel lines

I bought a TyDavis tank during the winter. Spring is coming and I'm gonna install this tank in a couple of days. What type of tubing should I use to build the fuel lines. I really don't know what to use. :)


yellow tygon hose has always been a favorite... It's translucent yellow, so you can see thru it, & ages well, even with race gas.

Thanks for your reply, could you tell me where I can find/order some. How does it hold up against heat? One of the fuel line will come pretty close to the header. I will probably install a kind of aluminium coil around this part of the tubing to increase heat diffusion though. :)

Not too sure about heat resistance, though I'd bet it's not as good as an oem rubber hose (much thicker sidewall). I would think that you could find it at a local motorcycle shop (unless it's exclusively harley), or an auto parts store.

Hi Math

Give me a ring ! When I installed my tank I bought a thicker fuel line from the auto part store nearby. I rode all last year and there was no heat markings on the fuel line. :naughty:

i heard those tanks block the cold start knob? my 05 wr450 cant start without it in the winter.

Regarding the choke, I can reach mine. But you are not the only one I've heard saying that. Tim (Tallboyswrf) told me he wasn't able to pull his out and made a bracket to reach it. He sent it to me along with the tank but I probably won't use it.

Anyway, I use the choke only one time during the day and I'm setting my jetting even richer on the pilot this year so things should not be too bad...

Oh and thanks Sylvain, I thought you would come up with something :naughty: . Je t'appelle bientôt :naughty:

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