WR 450 starter questions?

MY 03 starter looks pretty crappy inside.Some of the magnets are chewed up.Does any one know how many magnets there should be as i can only see four.I looked up new starters on a web site and there appears to be a different number for the 05.Is this motor any better and will it fit?.I managed to get my starter out from the exhaust side by removing the rear half of the exhaust and loosening the header and spinning up.I also removed the 3 way oil supply line the the starter bolts and cables and it slide out very easily.

Thanks Dave

I'm surprised your '03 starter gear has had no problems. Most people here upgraded to '04 stuff. Do a search, there is lots of information on it.

I has . I did the upgrade at about 1000 ks. It just now the starter motor has taken a crap.I cleaned it out but at least one of the magnets has broken.Put it back in but it's got no guts.Will only crank slow so it only starts on starter when warm.Maybe just have to kick start only.I traded my 500ks 426 so i would have electric start.THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE.I'm thinking of turning ORANGE.After 6 yamahas over the years without a problem then this lemon it sure is an option at the moment.This bike has only done 2000 ks and i always seem to have my hand in my pocket.

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