Installed the Auto decomp cam and I have

I have way to much Valve Clearance....

.50 theres some thing wrong..... :)

did you measure the stock clearence before you pulled the stock cam out?? If so what did it measure?? Did you pull the shims out of the buckets and forget to reinstall them?? What type of feeler guarge are you using?? Metric or Imp??

You need to put larger valve shims under the buckets.

If you recall the hotcams call to run a thicker shim right from the get go but you have to know what your clearence was to begin with. I went to install my hotcams in my hybrid and didn't need the extra shim to be within spec I asked the local dealership (who I don't particularly trust but they are a yamaha dealer) and they said to shim according to the manual so thats what I did, also it really helps to have the chart out of the service manual when doing this procedure if you don't have it send me an email and I'll scan and send it to you

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