pilot jet

after putting on a fmf pipe and changing the jetting per fmf to a 168 main jet (from a 165) and turning the air screw to 2 3/4 turns out I thought that the bike ran pretty well but I heard a sort of chirping sound around 1/4 throttle. In another post someone talked about a chirping sound which apparently meant a lean pilot circuit. So I changed the pilot jet from the 42 to a 45 and turned the air screw to 1 1/2 turns out. The bike seemed to run well but it would stall when braking really hard with the clutch pulled in. I turned the air screw to 2 turns out and the bike still stalled and became a pain to start but once going it ran well. It seems to me I need to go back to the 42 pilot jet. Is the stalling caused by a too rich pilot jet or is it maybe something else?

by the way my bike is a 2000 WR



You should try setting the idle a little faster with the #45. You don't need to go back to the #42. The pilot screw is a fuel screw, not an air screw, out is richer/ more fuel. #45 pilot and 2-3 turns is what was working for me when I was trying the stock DRS needle.

Was the chirping an exhaust leak or carb noise? Recheck the connections and make sure the header is fitting squarely on the cylinder head.

I did have a chirping sound from the front wheel bearing from the total lack of grease.

Probably totally unrelated, but it was hard to tell the source of that sound, I kept on thinking it was from the radiator.

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