Another New Guy

Howdy Guys,

Just another new guy who wants to jump in the pool. Picked up an '04 WR450 about a year ago, not to long after finding this site and forum. You guys helped me decide to get the WR. Loads of good stuff here.

Have done some of the mods.... Air box, Pro Moto Billet insert, YZ throttle stop(that made a differance) and James Dean jet kit in the mail. Not sure I want to do the gray wire. Help much?

Did start having a problem this spring. Have what I call an of idle bog. I let the motor rev down, then wack it, it bogs. Hope the JD kit will help. Could it be a Pilot jet? Does not do it all the time. Will do more research.

Looking forword to Yak'n with you guys.

Thanks in advance for all the info I'll glean from this forum.

I did all of my mods one at a time. The exhaust plug went first, the gray wire second and the throttle stop last. I rode the bike before and after each mod. The exhaust plug helped a little. The gray wire was next with little effect. The shortened throttle stop was the biggest improvement of all. This is just "seat of the pants" dyno talkin' here, so my results are mine alone. I've seen talk in this forum of putting a switch in the gray wire circut. The bog off bottom shouldn't happen with a bike that has an acc. pump. Pilot circuits plug up easily thanks to all the crud in our pump gas these days. Whenever I must store a bike for any length of time; I store it with av gas or race gas which doesn't gunk up the carb.


My '02 has the dreaded bog but no leak jet, so I have to live with it. Check out the link from the last post and you should have success fixing your problem.

Have fun :)

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