beating a 426?

i have a 99 yz400 and my best friend has a 2000 426 and we are neck and neck until sombody lets off the gas and chickens out. my question is does anybody know an easy upgrade for me to smoke that fool? i just want to surprise him on the long stretch without loosing bottom end? thanks

Just crank that throttle harder or go get a YZF1000:)

Try some race fuel and drop a couple of teeth on the rear sprocket.

A 2000 426 cant be beat in a drag race.

add a tooth in the front it takes like 10 mins to change and it will go at least 5 mph faster on top end

yea i have a '04 450 and i put a 15 tooth on front and my top speed is amazing my freind has a '02 426 and i can smoke him in a drag race every time and i also weigh 290 lbs so i have at least 60 lbs on him and i win every time.

How about a 03 450 cam mod - that will add some low end torque. Then change your sprockets

if you change the sprockets, you will lose bottom end. put in a jet kit or some hot cams, then change the sprockets.

Testicle implants!

Get yourself a WR tranny, that I'll do it. :naughty:

Hotcams will do it (pricey). You say someone chickens out so top end ain't the problem. Or is it? Maybe don't be the one who chickens out. I thought maybe you go up in the number of back sprocket teeth for a faster start. K&N Filter?(cheap), no airbox lid? (free) Aftermarket exhaust? (pricey) 110mm or smaller rear tire hurts wet traction but bleeds fewer horses because of both less pneumatic drift and inertia of lighter tire. I wouldn't lose drivability for drag race honors. Good luck. Both bike are great. Better than loosing to another unmentioned red plastic make.

would'nt dropping teeth lose top end?

you just can't ride anywhere but down the road or across the desert.

that's not true, you can change the sprockets to change speed and torque. its called gearing.

headwork. you can port and polish the heads, and gain tons of horsepower. the sky is the limit. and it will cost you less than a grand.

Loose 10 lbs

do this by eating a whole box of exlax the night before

That will lighten up the 400 enough to get at least 5mph on him :naughty:

Put in a white brothers 420 big bore kit, and get a powercore IV muffler, and port/polish your head (theres a detailed write up on how to do that in the techinal forum) grind down the weld in your header pipe, put the uni airbox vent things in your air box, Re-jet your bike, buy an 03 yzf450 exhaust cam, or just replicate my bike. My WR smokes the 426's off the line, and all the way through 5th gear, the only thing slowing me down is my low gearing.

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