Edelbrock-It just arrived!

I ordered an Edelbrock from Barnums a few months ago and it showed up on my door step today. I spoke with Denise Tuesday and she said that she expected to get them in small batches over the next few weeks. I rode my pig up to the mailbox this afternoon and there was something from the post office about a delivery and that I could pick it up Monday. I'm leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow so I called and they sent someone out to deliver it a few minutes ago. No time to install it until I get back. I have an HRC tip and will do the airbox mods all at the same time. It was a good week, I also got all of the the mods done to complete the dual sport package, so I have a California street legal X650R that can breath!

I can't wait till I get back and can finish the install. I'll let you know the results.

You'll love it.

I just got mine too yesterday in the mail from Barnums so I spent the afternoon putting it on. Today I will see if I can get it tuned just right :naughty::D So far the only thing that seems silly to me is the fuel line. What's up with that :naughty: Hose, pipe, hose :D I also wish I was Mr Gadget so I could reach the adjuster up under the tank.

I think for the money and most likely minimal power increase on an "L" model, I will just do the jetting and slide/shim mods when adding pipe and filter. $400 is a lot of bacon, and for lil kick might not be quite worthy for dual sport.


I bought the carb more for the easy starting and no more flooding than more power.

I bought it because it eliminates that annoying hiccup or bog when you whack the throttle open at low RPMs.

No more BLAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa when you try to blip the throttle and get the front wheel over a log.

I hate it when it does that.

I spent some time to dial mine in today and I'm really ready to go try it out in the dirt. Off idle response it great and the bike seems to run very strong off the bottom. I really like not having to mess with reaching down to turn the choke on/off and on cold starts no having to prime the thing. Just two quick turns and one kick and wham :naughty: It is going to be worth it to me just to not have it flood when it is tipped over on the tight uphill at the end of the day. Besides now that the sticker shock is over I believe it will be a worth while addition. :naughty:

It just seems to make more sense for the XR and not the XRL since it isnt quite the same beast offroad anyway ya know.

Yeah, mine came in last week from Barnum's. Nice looking carb. I can see where people would love the quick-adjust features of this unit.

Me? I'm just sick of saying prayers everytime I go to kick it. Any additional power or improved rapid-throttle response is just icing on the cake...

Love the bike though!

Ride safe, ya'll.

Mine arrived too! Too bad my wheels and front sprocket aren't here yet!!! Mine is a full motard so I can't wait to do squidly wheelies!

I also wish I was Mr Gadget so I could reach the adjuster up under the tank.

Did you think the stock carb was easier to adjust? :naughty:


Did you think the stock carb was easier to adjust? :naughty:

Actually I love it, especially now that I got it dialed in. I'm just thinking that in a perfect world it would be nice to be able to just reach down and give it a turn depending on what it needs. Much better than taking the thing apart to change out a jet.


I got it set at 13 clicks out and 1 1/2 turns on the pump. Have you been up there yet this year? I went a couple of weeks ago when we had the early spring weather and ran into most of Northern Ca. there also. Hope to see you there this year. Still have the fancy jersey?

Glad to hear that you got the jersey up for another season :naughty: Makes you fairly easy to spot in cloud of dust! Thanks for the tip on the replacing the plug back in after it is all tuned. Dust bad, clean good :naughty: I'll keep my eyes open for you.

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