426, change it?

Hey, i have a 2001 426 and was wondering what are some pros and cons of getting a new auto decompressing cam. is it worth it? i have the starting thing down but its still not a kick and go bike. also i was wondering should i change the graphics? what are some good graphics available for my bike? please let me know if theres anything else that i should do to my bike, and input is greatly appreciated,



Your right leg will thank you if you do the cam mod. :)

its not so much that i can start it really easily its just that i styill need to do a quick little trick with the compression release

No Cons, lots of pros!! Easy mod to do!!Starts like a 2 stroke now.. I'd go with the stock 02 YZ graphics,or get the motoxxx graphics/seat cover kit

Here I like this bike...


Nice. I dig the blue rims. Makes my '01 look like crap.

there are no cons to doing the cam mod. The bike starts easier (no drill), the bike is more forgiving to ride and less likely to stall, the power delivery is SWEET.....comes on smooth and pulls forever. Do it and I promise you will think you just bought a new bike! :)

I did the 450 cam mod.

Best $$$ spent.

Nice power,ez start, ez to do!

The members on this forum will help you out.

If you like your bike now, You will love your bike after you change the exhaust cam! I don't know of any "cons" when it comes to doing this mod. I just did the cam swap to my 02 YZ426 a couple of months ago and I'm very happy with the results. Don't wait, it's not a hard job to do. There's a ton of support on this site that would be happy to help you get the job done. :naughty:



You can kick it like a 250 two stroke.

You can bump it like a 250 two stroke.

You still have to work the throttle and hot start, etc., by the same rules, but you can forget the compression release.

You can restart after stomping out the engine with the rear brake with a flick of the clutch or less, and without stopping.

Your life will be simpler.

You don't have to remove the decomp shaft to adjust the right exhaust valve if it isn't there.


i had the starting drill down really good and my bike was really easy to start before. it was always 1 or 2 kicks no matter what. now it's just kicking it. no routine or anything. power difference was nice.you will really like it.

I have an 00 and 02 426 I can start the 00 without any problems what so ever do the drill first kick maybe second every single time. I put the mod in the 02 and it went from starting relatively easy to now it seems like i kick it and kick it it will start and runs awesome but for whatever reason it seems harder to start. now bump starting it is nice went riding stalled it down hill let out the clutch fired right up. If i could get this glitch out of my 02 i'd be a happy camper.

The 450 cam mod is definitely the best bang for the buck on the 426 hands down. Do it, you won't be sorry!

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