Good bike if getting back into sport?

I've seen some xr600's...95 for $1,800 a 97 for $2,500...pretty good shape....Would these be good options if I am getting back into the sport. I raced 2 strokes many years my 20' 40...6'2', 195lbs in great shape...smooth power...less $ than wr, or new xr650....trails, fire roads, open country? Thanks, Joe

I've ridden for 25+ years, but didn't ride for a few years, and decided to get back into riding about a year and a half ago. I was looking for an XR400, and found a clean '94 XR600 for $1700 and went for it and I'm glad I did. :) I've ridden it almost every Sat., riding 6-8 hrs. of woods and fire roads, and racing it about 20 times on Sundays and all I do is change the oil/filter, keep the Air filter clean and basic maintenance. It has been dead reliable week after week. I have spent $1000+ on exhaust,new seat/foam tires, chain and sprockets, 4.0 Gal. tank, handlegars, skid plate, handguards, etc. Mechanically all I've had to do is turn up the idle and adjust the valves once. IMO the XR600 is a great bike,and has been great to me. :) I know it isn't the the lightest or advanced bike out there, but then again, I have no problem muscling it throught the woods. Good Luck, Walt

The 600 is a great bike, The XR's are very reliable,basic maintance and oil change's and ride them regularly ........

The XR650R is a liquid cooled XR and just as reliable, But more power :)

Either one ya choose you wont go wrong IMO......... :)

I've seen 650r's for $3500 with goodies on them. Especially with the 450x out you might be able to find a 650r cheap. The 600's are good bikes but I'd rather have the 650.

My situation is very similar to yours. I hadn't been on a dirtbike in over 20 years. Found a very clean '87 600R for $500 back in January. Been riding every weekend since. Zero mechanical problems and more power than I'll ever need. Oh, did I mention this bike will climb walls? Got carried away a few times which lead to couple walk down's. I get more comfortable with this horse every time out though.


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