if you take you bowl off how full should it be..

checking out everything on my carb...

when I took off the bowl it was clear to the top, plus a little bit leaked out when I took it apart.. just a little...

also when I turn the throttle to check the acc pump it squirts from about an 1/8 to full throttle is this correct..

my breather hoses or over flow hoses you could blow through but had some restriction..


Fred: The high float bowl level could certainly explain your constant plug fouling problem. If the bowl level gets too high, excess fuel could be forced thru the pilot jet instead of having the venturi do it as it's designed to do. If this is the problem, either the float needle valve is leaking through, or the float tang needs to be bent so that it closes the valve properly. Page 4-11 of the manual explains how to do this.

The accelerator pump sounds OK, starting to pump not less than 1/8 throttle.

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