1600 miles, time to check to valves...

put some hard miles on her (03 wr450) it was time to open her up, found the ex at .0080 and .0085 and the intake at .004 .004 .0035. had to be 1 out right! did a shimmer and ended up with all 3 intakes at .005, but 1 of my ex ended up at a loose .011 (.012 would not go) and the other at a loose .010

should i go back in???

Indy, i read in one of you old replys that it was ok to be a .001 over. would this be true with a bike with the miles i have???

thank's ducky

come'on guys, this is driving me nuts, should i go back in or hope they seat in and bring me in spec. need to order them on monday if i'm doing a shimmer, 2 different dealers don't stock them. why???

1st ride of the year in 2 weeks, need to be ready!!!

guess my name needs to be MARCUSMOBERG to get an answer from this site!!


If i knew, i would give you a reply...there...its the thought that counts...right?

i knew that last post would get a reply, thank's anyway.

Not an expert but the tech at my shop told me that loose it better cause they all have tendancy tp tighten up not get loose. Look for more advise before making final decision Good Luck

to late, just got back from yamaha, should have the shims by fri. just didn't feel right being out of spec. should end up about .009 on the ex. with a 180 shim.

4x4, I read Indy's comments on the valves, as i was int he exact smae situation as you. Indy's comments seem right on, but I just felt more comfortable within spec too.

i read somewhere that a pro(i think it was ty davis) actually sets his exhaust valves .002 over spec on his 450 before races :naughty:

now we are getting someware, anybody else want to add there 2 cents?

i got the bike tore down now for a fork rebuild, checked the bearings up top and they were dry. we all need to chip in and buy yamaha a tub of grease so they can put some lube on there bikes before they sell them!!!

frostbite, when i checked the valves after the shim the bike was cold, real cold. under 35 deg. would that open them up alittle vs. checking them at room temp, say 70 deg?

chad k, hope to see you at the monticello harescrambles may 1st, trying to get the bike and me ready for it. next fri. we are going on a trail ride, want to hook up? lost your cell #

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