2001 yz 426 subframe.

I recently purchased a 01 yz 426 and noticed that the subframe is a little bent. I was wondering if there is an easy way to bend it back without really damaging it worse?

You can take it off the bike, put it in a vise and straighten it with a hammer or a pulling device if you have one. I don't recommend trying to straighten it while it is still on the bike.

It is easy to straighten while still on, loosen the bolts a little, take off the seat and fender. Stick a 2x4 and pry or smack it with a BFH and a block of wood. You can see if it is straight the second your done.

i have a stock 02 426 subframe off a bike i put the motor in my four wheeler if you wanna buy it

thanks for the input everyone. 02yz455ex I will keep that in mind if I cant staighten it thanks

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