Fire breathing XR 650r?

The '00 XR650 I just bought had a k&N air filter, and the previous owner boasted this as the only improvement he made to the bike. Personally, I would rather have the oem foam unit; which he did not know where it was at. Upon removal of the side panel I noticed the sealing edge of the airbox had gottenhot at one point or another and disfigured the joint. There was no spark aresting screen in the airbox. I guess the bike back fired and ignited the foam filter smothered in flamable filter oil. Any seconds to my notion?

Your right on target...we heard about this a few times when the debate arrose about the benifits vs cons of the backfire screen!

This post has some pics of burnt covers and filters

There are some adjustments in the carb that will minimize the overflooding

and there is an aftermarket backfire screen that may be cheaper than finding an OEM from the dealer. With a search it won't take much to find a debate about the use of one.

Yeah, Most likely it's back fired from being flooded, When clearing it out after it's flooded hold down the kill button.......

Any more when i start my BRP i hold the kill button till i find TDC....

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