Stalling Problem

This is a wierd one...

When I turn my 650R handlebars completely to the right at idle, the bike stalls. I've checked the cable routing and it is fine, no binding. The entire carb/throttle assembly has been apart a few times for maintenance and upgrades.

I've looked at any possible electrical issues, but that is not possible since the bike continues to run if I'm adding some RPM's when I turn the handlebars.

I'm going to put an Edelbrock on my pig soon so this issue may go away but for now, it's really odd.

Check your throttle free play,You may need to adjust it, About a 1/4 inch I believe...

I had the same problem and finally traced it to a routing problem with the decompression cable. When I turned the handle bars it would put a little tension on the cable and stop the engine but only at idle.

Yeah, I had that problem once also. It was the decompression cable on mine too. It doesn't take much movement if it is out of adjustment.

Decomp lever... that's a great suggestion, I'll check it. THANKS!!

Let us know if that was it. Mine did the same thing and it took me a while to figure it out since it only did it very rarely.

My stalling issue was in fact the decomp lever being pulled ever so slightly in a full right turn. All I needed to do was move my clutch perch inboard about .5 inch and I was set.

Got to love the simple fixes :naughty::naughty:

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