Oversized GYTR Front Rotor (w/pics)

Finally was warm enough (50 degrees F) today to intall the GYTR rotor & new brake pads I got in January. I got the rotor on Ebay for $98 w/shipping BRAND NEW. :D Also bought new pads on Ebay for $12. So the whole Oversized rotor setup cost be a whole $110!!! :naughty::naughty::D

After I put some new gas and fired her up, all I can say this was well worth it. Before when I would grab for the front brake as hard as I could I got major fade and couldn't even stop hard enough to get the back tire to wheelie. That is now a thing of the past. I'll give an update when I am able to get out onto the track in a couple weeks.

Here are a couple of pics:


Comparison of Stock vs GYTR

Oversized GYTR

Nice one!

get the direct route stainless brake lines and some Motul 600 fluid and be impressed all over again.

ebay special?

I think I would have done the brake hose first though....but hey BrondonV is right!

I second Brandon and Satch, get an SS line and you'll be big pimpin'!

I have heard mixed opinions about the SS direct style routing. My thinking is expansion is expansion no mater what the length of brake line. It will all depend. But anything was an improvement over what I had. I have exhaust on the next top priority. Maybe in a while I'll get the SS line.

I got it on ebay. I dont know what the deal was. :naughty: Someone said they bought it and ended up not using it. Brand new in the sealed package. Who cares, it was $98 as opposed to the retail price of $160.

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