450 Cam mod?????

:naughty: OK guys I'm getting extreamly confused :naughty:

I just got a 00 426 and everybody keeps saying I need to do the 450 cam mod. I ride alot and I try to kill it everytime I ride. I love the talk about being able to take the decomp lever off, bump starting, and having a more user-friendly bike. I ride alot of tight trails and it is agrivating :D to stall it out in a tight squeeze, although I have become very comfortable with re-starts. I ride mx tracks sometimes also along with some long, high RPM dirt roads where I live (you know to blow-off steam after a long day at work). I will take yalls (southern talk for you all) advice and deffinatly go with the clutch mode 2001 and the carb mod (GBMmod) but I dont have the money to install 450 cams and blow my bike to smitherines. Thats why I have a 426 and not a brand new 450. Help me out here...Is it worth it, and were can I get the cams and all of the parts i need to do it. I also need the clutch mod parts and prob valve shims (I dont think my valves have ever been adj.) if anyone has any extras or can help in any way.

BTW this web site is absolutly unreal with all the knowledge here :D ...you guys are great :D and I thank you in advance for the help.

3 words for yah...

Get er done!!!!

for $100 and about 1hr of your time...it's crazy not to do it.

The cam mod helps with cranking but it has other advantages too.Before the cam mod if I used too much rear brake and killed the engine the rear wheel would just slide,sometimes causing A crash.After the cam mod if I killed the engine the auto decomp would kick in because the engine is not spinning and the bike will start right back up.Do the mod.You'll be glad you did. :naughty:

Both the 450 cam mod and the 01 clutch update are well worth it for your bike. I've done both to my 00 and couldn't be happier. If you need any help with either, just let me know!

The 450 cam mod is worth the money. I wished I'd done it sooner, its almost fun to start my bike now. Kudos to the pioneers of this mod.

Thanks alot guys for the input ....keep it comming!

Now all I need are the parts.

Do I just buy the stock 450 cams and install them or what?

If so does anyone know where to get em?

Yes, Just do the stock 450 cam. From what I've read here the benefit you get from the aftermarket cam can only be really noticable if you do both intake and exhaust cams. I got my cam at North County Yamaha in San Diego (www.ncyamaha.com) for $95. They should also have the decomp plug. In your factory manual there is a matrix chart that tells you what shim you will need once you have taken your measurement after the new cam is installed. The shims are fairly cheap approx $5 each. I just bought a few sizes 185 190 195 200 205 and then returned the ones I didn't use. Make sure they will let you return them. This way I was able to finish the job the same day. pm me if you need more info.

Do I just buy the stock 450 cams and install them or what?

You only need the exhaust cam.

If you spend alot of time in the trails, after the cam change try the Rekluse auto clutch. Then you can ditch the decomp lever and the clutch lever. It works well on the track too!

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