Steering Stabilizer

has any one ever used a Works Enduro Rider Steering Stabilizer? how does it compare to a Scott's or a gpr?

i have a w.e.r. and am happy with it. it's nice to have it mounted low and out of the way. however, if your after something to help with high speed desert type riding, it may not be what your looking for. it doesn't have high and low speed adjustment. it does works well with eastern (midwest?) type tight woods and is easy to service. iv'e never ridden a wr with a scotts back to back with the w.e.r. so i can't tell how much of a difference there is in the same conditions.


I started with a W.E.R stabilizer. It was ok, I just couldn't get it what I wanted from it. Then I rode a WR with a Scotts and changed. I think it is a much more versatile stabilizer. I ride knarlist eastern single track and the Scotts has saved me more times than I can count. From muddie ruts, rocks and roots, to Florida sand and woops, Scotts is the one. I would never go back to a W.E.R

Just my opinon



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