How much oil in a leg

Hi, I changed my fork seals today and am gettting read y to fill them up with new oil. My question is how much oil do they take? I understand they are measred when you are finished. My bike is a 99 Wr 400 with 46mm tubes. Is there a baseline to start filling them up?

I'm not sure of the exact amount but I had replaced seals several times and remember going from the manual, they wanted it fill to about 5" from the top. This is with the fork compressed while the spring it out, pump it several times to push out any air, then fill, extend tube, install spring and cork it with the cap. Someone in here has the measurment from the top of the tube for the WR400 I bet

Thanks for the quick reply. I heard it was 5.71 on my 99 just wanted to check what other people had to say.

5.71 sounds about right. I'd go with that number!

Thanks man, Just finished the project but can't test it out 1 cause it's dark and more importantly 2 I need to get longer bolt to pull those guard clamps together as I add seal savers and they don't fit anymore. The guy at seal saver told me I would run into this problem but I wanted to wait to get the new screws until I put it back together so I could see the proper length to get. Trip to ACE tomorrow will kill that probem. Thanks again for the quick help and info. OUT

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