Electrical advice for dualsport lighting?

Im looking for advice on wiring up a dualsport lighting kit for my WR400. Im realizing I need to find a regulator/rectifier unit and some means of flashing turn signals, as well as bar-mounted switches for this stuff. Also thinking of putting a small NiCd battery pack from an RC car between the motor and skid plate or something. Anyone done this? Any ideas or parts sources?

Around these parts, folk are going to suggest you just get the "trick dual sport" kit. Go to http://trickdualsport.com/

trailtech.net has the regulator rectifier and I think they were working on some sort of battery pack as well. Cheapo mirror and signals, Brake light and hydraulic brake light switch and you're away. You will have to float the ground on the stator to convert to DC unless someone knows how to wire it with AC. Common flasher should work and pick up a turn signal/ horn switch from the salvage yard. I'd send a wiring diagram but I've lost mine somewhere.

I seem to remember someone doing this without floating the ground. Do some searches.

Track down TT member bdmmotard, he was working on his a while back. See how he made out.

I have a wiring diagram for my '01 WR426 which should be the same as the 400. PM me your email and I'll send it to you.

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