03 plastic on my 98?

can i replace my 98 yz400f plastic with 03-05 plastic? what do i have to do to my bike to make it fit if i can? where can i get it?

There are a bunch of threads covering this topic you might want to search out. There is a lot of good info and tips for doing the swap on this site. I did the swap on my 426 and it looks pretty cool. I haven't done it yet, though I have offered to a couple people, to do some dimensins for the tank bracket I made for my swap. Others that have done the swap welded on the frame to accomodate the 450 tank, but I went the non frame modifying route so it could be changed back if desired.

It's not the cheapest thing to do to your bike, but is definately one of the most bitchin. :naughty:

You can either buy all the 450 parts new through both the dealer and aftermarket, or you can shop on ebay to try and get some deals. If you're not worried about keeping your old stuff you can sell it and try to recover some of the expenses.

The only real variable I've seen from person to person that has posted about their swap has been the exhaust muffler mounting on the subframe. I had to make a little adaptor bracket to bolt up my old muffler, while others have cut and welded something, and others have been able to just bolt their old one right back up. An aftermarket muffler is the way most have bolted right back up though, the stock one doesn't line up with the 450 mounting location.

There is some modifying and fabricating involved, but it's not that hard. It's fun if you've done similar stuff before, but if this would be someones first foray into seriously modifying their bike, it could probably be difficult.

If you really like your bike and don't feel like spending the cash on a new one, but don't mind spending a little cash on updateing the looks of your ride, this is one of the best ways to go.


Why not just get 98 plastics but in reflex blue. :naughty:

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