tail light problems

I just installed the Acerbis dual sport taillight tonight and it works but only when I press the rear lever, nothing from the front. I switched the wires around and it was bright constantly. So, Did i do something wrong or is the front switch screwed up? I guess I haven't paid much attention lately to see if the light was working before. I installed Moose handguards a couple days ago and the front lever came out a bit when I took the bolt out to take off the stock guards. Could this have something to do with it?

Hi. Switch the wires back to how they were NOT constantly bright. Your front brake light switch isn`t working. Check the two little connections, and that the micro switch comes out when the brake lever is pulled back. Shorting the two connections together should light up the brake light proving a problem with the switch and not your wiring. Clean the switch inside or buy a new one.

Good luck let me know how you get on!

After reading your post I went out and looked at it closer. Sure enough, one of the wiring connectors on the brake lever assembly was loose. Slid it back on and it worked. Must have happened when I was messing around trying to get my handguards tightened.


Good news mate. Keep thumping :naughty:

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