brake fluid missing

I was riding my 03 yz450 and I noticed the front brake feeling odd. It would stick and then pull far back. I checked the fluid level and discovered that its way low, and I mean way low like not even there. I dont even know how it was working, compressed air brakes? Anyway, I ckecked everthing I dont see a leak, I looked at the line, calipers, everything I see no leak. Ill top it off and bleed it and check it again, it just seems strange. Does anyone know of common leak points on this bike that I should know about, or good methods of tracking the leak down? thanks.

There is a small bleeder screw (aka bleeder valve) on the caliper assembly. Make sure it is not loose or I suppose it could let air in.

The description you provided is air in the brake line. You will also need to get the air out. Same thing happend to me. I had to disconnect the high end and pump brake oil in until it pushed all the air out and came out the top. But now the brakes work great!

If your brake pads get worn down to the point of replacement this would make the piston in the caliper have to extend further out to work and this would take more fluid from the reservoir. You may not have a leak at all, your brake pads are shot and you started with a low amount of brake fluid in the reservoir. Something else to consider...

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