cheapest place for rims

well i went trail riding this weekend and came over a hill to find a huge log in the middle of the trail....with no where to go i went straight into it and bent my front rim....i was wondering where the cheapest place to find a new rim is?

check ebay

Ok Thanks

How about the TT store?

i got a set of black excel rims with spokes. no hubs

sell it to ya for 210 with shipping!

I have a stock rim, with hub, spacers, rotor, ready to bolt on, for $125. It the stock rim from a 1998 YZ400F.


I just bought mine from because I couldn't find anything but ghetto black on ebay. I was looking for bling bling gold instead so I went with Motosport since they were doing a special for front and rear excels and excel spoke kits with the spline drive nipples for $340, and it's over $100 so shipping is free. :naughty: Just the back one by itself is like $110 to $120 and spokes are about $70.

Still waiting on the front rim, it's on back order. :D Already got the back one laced up and ready to go, it feels lonely. :naughty:

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