Need Help Please XR650L !!!!!

I have an 01 xr650l w/ 9700 mi. (Motard Trim). 120 front & 160 rear. Lots Of Mods. Here lies the problem, In 1st gear take off the bike seems to skip or something. It feels to me like the back tire would break loose (spin) for a few seconds then grab traction when I let up on the throttle. If I hold the throttle down it will do it continuously (does not sound to good when it does it). I had a friend ride along with me to see if he could tell what the problem could be. Well the tire is not spinning. the tire sidewall has been shaved down to allow clearance for the chain, However it rubs the tire a little. This is not acting as a clutch problem would do this in all gears? I'm hoping this is not a transmission problem. :naughty: Once I hit 2nd gear it runs great (no problems). Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated to help troubleshoot this problem. Thanks!!!

Sounds like the clutch is slipping to me. What kind of oil do you use?

I am using and always have used Honda HP4 10-40 with moly. If the Clutch was slipping would'nt it do it in all gears?

Your clutch is sliping mate, it dosent do this in all gears as the torque from the engine gets less as you go up the gears.

I had this exact problem on my 1995 XR650L, but in second gear. It wasn't the clutch. It was second gear. I don't know how to describe it in technical terms, because the only parts I can technically identify properly are teeth,, and splines, and races...

Anyway, when second gear slips sideways into the next gear over, to drive the gear that is connected to the counter-shaft, it engages like finger sliding into holes. In my case, the fingers became rounded due to abuse (Upshifting from first, through the vast neutral, into the over-stretched second-gear), and the holes became ablonged in one direction.

The result was: When I was on the gas in second gear, it would feel like it was studdering. It did it in no other gear.

Finally, I just left it in second, jammed on the rear brakes, and twisted the throttle until second gear was no more. Second gear would engage only when not on the gas, as soon as any throttle was applied, it would slip out of second..I rode it like this for about 6 months.

I did all of the work myself. It wasn't that hard. I thought I could use the gears from an XR600r, but the fingers and the holes are of different dimensions, although the teeth are identical.

You gan get parts diagrams from, or from a shop manual.

Good luck.

Thanks Sean, Sounds like the problem I'm having, but I am not sure if it popping out of gear. I will have to tear it down and check the problem

Thanks Sean, You are the man, :naughty: You hit it right on the head. plause: :D Unfortunately I now have to look forward to a tranny job. :naughty: It sure helps with the great knowledge that you can find on this site. You guys are AWESOME!!!!! ......Thanks again to all who replied

Hey no Problem FLTarded, :naughty:

This is why TT kicks ASS!!!

Something else to may want to try running a 150 tire...I don't think a 160 is necessary and the bike would probably turn faster with the 150 and you probably wont have the clearance issue....

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