2002 YZF 426 Black plastics

I'd like to set up my 2002 YZF 426 plastics to all Black. I can find everything except the Tank (stock size) and Front number plate. Can anyone tell me who makes or sells Black tanks and Front plates?

My yz400 has black plastic, but I still have the blue tank. I have aftermarket graphics (throttle jockey) that covers most of the tank, and a matching seat cover. I think it looks good even though the tank is still blue because the frame is still blue. If I new how to post a picture, I would.

The front number plate I beleive is an acerbis, but I'm not sure.

I've been looking for a black tank for about a year.


i have ALL black plastics by that i mean evreything. Shrounds Number plate fork protectors tank, its very simple. Krylon makes a Plastic paint called FUSION, paint the tank with that apply several light coats, then go over it with a clear coat and viola you have an entirely black bike except for the frame

i agree about painting them with krylon, i have done the same with a couple of my bikes, very durable and cheap to do, if you crash and it rubs off just shoot it again and it looks brand new again

Where did you people buy the Black Side Panels??? I can't find them anywhere

The only problem with painting the tank is that, sooner or later, gas fumes breathing through the plastic will cause the paint to bubble. There was a member on here that actually dyed his stock tank black, but I can't remember who it was now.

everything on my bike except the tank is black. all the plastics are acerbis. i painted my frame too. primer, black, clear. it's held up really good.

go to Dennis kirk and order a catalog. i was able to find some black plastic. krylon doesn't look the same as shinny new plastic.

After getting all the replies in less than a few hours..... I was able to find the Tank at Clark Mfg. ($170) and acerbis plastic kit (black) at Chaparrel ($130). The rest is seat and graphics. Being a newbie to Thumpertalk, I can already tell that this is the best place in the world to find any info you need, with better results than any local "bike shop" will provide.......... Thanks...

Where did you people buy the Black Side Panels??? I can't find them anywhere

Polisport make the black sidepanels. :naughty:

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