Who did your free mods?

I see a lot of folks posting here with new bikes who need to do the free mods. My dealer did mine for me at no charge. Basically, they acted like it was just part of the regular initial set-up. They did the throttle stop, gray wire, muffler insert, and baffle. I did the JD kit later.

Did any of you have the same experience, or do your dealers just make you take the bike as is? With everyone knowing that the bike runs poorly bone stock, you would think this would be almost required basic service from all dealers.

When I bought my 05 WR450 the guy who was getting my bike ready came and told me about the free mods. He said he would do it free of charge. I ended up waiting a few weeks then did them myself.

The free mods made it a totally different machine.

By the way is the JD Kit worth it?

The dealer did the throttle stop for free. Everything else I did myself.

And yes, the JD kit is worth it, IMO.

If you have an '05 and you do the free mods, it's not only worth it, it's almost necessary. From what I understand, the '05 really runs lean compared to prior year models - especially after you do the mods. It starts and runs much, much better.

Mine came in the same crate that it was shipped in from Japan. I had to do the mods myself, along with mounting the front wheel, handlebars, controls, etc. But then again, I saved more than $600 compared with any dealer within 500 miles of my location :naughty: ...SC

I missed out on all the free mods :D I bought mine new out of Canada, and it came with the YZ throttle stop, no grey wire, no air box baffle. I was short changed! :naughty::naughty:

Mine came with the throttle stop mod. They told me while we were loading it on my truck that they had done it already. I'm glad they did; I didn't even know what it was at the time.

When I bought mine (back in '99) they basically jetted it (for Colorado) and that was it. I did everything else myself. At the time I thought it was ridiculous that they would not do the throttle stop.....ridiculous that Yamaha did the throttle stop in the first place.

List of free mods I did.....

Throttle stop


Gray wire

BK Mod (accelerator pump timing)

JD mod (Power Now)

De-octopus (something us early owners are familiar with)

The only real reason that stupid throttle stop is on there in the first place is California. There is this little sticker that you get from the state either green<--- my favorite, or red<---i hate that stupid red sticker. This state is crazy when it comes to the protecting our environment, so they came up with the stupid green, and red stickers that limit you to ride in certain areas depending on what time of year it is. In order to get a green sticker, the one that lets you ride without limits they had to tone down the noise that these bikes put out. Thus you have the throttle stop. That is the only reason its on our bikes. They basically cork them all up for one stupid state.

99 WR 400F

Throttle Stop

Grey Wire

Header/White Bros Exaust


Bars ect, ect...

I did all the mods myself and If I could have took the crate home and built the bike myself I would have been better off. I go over any new bike or quad with a fine tooth comb and usually have it half apart the same day because something was put together wrong.

I too got mine in the crate. I could've paid a few hundred more for it and gotten the bike setup and jetted but it was worth it to me just to become familiar with the machine.

I picked up my 05 wr450 in early Dec. When the mechanic was going over the bike with me he told me how to do the mods or I could pay him one hour labor

to do it .He said the work order would be listed as service work not the mod work, something about not getting the dealership in trouble with Ca. Maybe

this is why the dealers are hesitant to do the mods.I see you live in Texas I thought Ca. Was the only State that plugged the bikes up. :naughty:

Boy dont I feel like a real dipshizit. I paid $170.00 bucks to have mine done. I didnt know anything about anything when I bought my bike. I wish I would have known of TT back then, you guys could have saved me 170 fun tokens. Oh well , live and learn. I will know way more on the next go round.

All the WRF's that our guys set-up (pre-deliver) at work, leave the warehouse with all the restrictions still in place. This is only because WRF's are road legal over here, and de-restricting the bikes would be illegal if the customer registered his new bike for the street. I believe the stores give the customer the option though, once the sale is made.....

My dealer pulled the airbox lid, pulled the grey wire, jetted the bike, cut the throttle stop and poked a hole in the bottom of the carb for the fuel screw. Basically, I just had to pull the AIS off and jet it better. I was surprised that they didn't pull the cork out of the exhaust. My dealer really took care of me, it was all included, full of gas and a strong battery.

what was the dealers name, sounds like i need to find a new place to buy my toys. I live in the so. Bay area

Simi Valley Cycles (SoCal) 805-522-3434 Dave Flemming

I had no idea about the mods when I purchased. Stumbled onto TT and Texas4play turned me on to the mods. I had them ALL done for 20 bucks! When I rode it the first time after the mods, I couldn't believe it was the same bike! Now I'm looking forward to performing the regular maintenance on my own. I don't know JACK about mechanics, so it should be interesting.

I did all of the mods myself :D . Hell, my dealer couldn't even get my bike started :naughty: . They flooded it, while I was watching them :D ( I already knew the drill ) then tried to change the plug with no luck. With a disgusted look on my face, they decided to give me a different bike :naughty: . With that said I am glad I did the mods myself :D

Sounds like my Honda dealer. I am glad they were a bunch of dipshizits or I may have bought one. Couldnt have worked out any better. :naughty:

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