Who did your free mods?

I did all the mods myself and If I could have took the crate home and built the bike myself I would have been better off. I go over any new bike or quad with a fine tooth comb and usually have it half apart the same day because something was put together wrong.

Yeah same here... there were so many loose bolts on my bike when I got it theres no way I'd trust the dealer greasemonkeys to do any real work on the bike.

I actually wanted to order a canadian bike online just so I'd get to assemble it myself but a local dealer gave me such a good deal I couldnt pass it up.

I bought mine in the crate, an 02 wr426 sold in 04 and they offered to set it up for me but I declined as I wanted to familiarize myself with the bike and besides that I like to tinker with everything. That is part of the reason I own bikes. :naughty:

so the canadian bikes have all the free mods except the exhaust?

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