Need wiring help XR600

I just bought an XR600R that has about half of a baja designs street legal kit on it. Im not running any turn signals as Virginia doesnt require them. The problem is I cannot get the brake light working. The tail light and headlight work, but the brake light doesnt. There were some wires unhooked under the seat and I cannot figure out how to hook them back up.

There is a 1 black and 1 red coming from both the front and rear brake switches, also there are 2 wires coming from the light switch (toggle). How should the brake light switches be hooked up in conjunction with the headlight switch?

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi. The polarity of the switch dosen`t matter, but to make it easy the black wires from each switch need to be joined together, and then joined to one of the three wires coming from the rear light hopfully there is one not being used this is the one you most likely need.

The red wires on the brake switches need to be joined together and then joined to a permenant live, you might get one by joining these reds to one of the two coming from the light toggle (the black possibly) but you will get one by tapping into the black at the light toggle.

Let me know how you get on.

Thanks for your help so far, I have worked several hours on this to no avail. I tried your suggestions but it did not work. There is something funny going on with the wiring, when the headlight is on neither wire from the toggle is hot, when the headlight is off one wire is hot.

I will try my best to describe how it is wired:

solid black wires from both switches, black from toggle and white/yellow from tailight all make a common connection.

black wire from toggle connects to a factory green wire.

red wire from rear brake switch and brown wire from tail light connected.

red wire from front brake switch connected through a toggle to a battery pack, battery grounded to frame.

A third wire from the taillight goes to a constant hot.

if the headlight is off the brakelight works, it headlight is on the brakelight does not work.

You have just entered the twilight zone..... :naughty:

I figured it out :naughty:

Well at least I got the brakelight working. Im not quite sure how either, I guess there is only so many ways to hook up 5 wires :naughty: .

Thanks for you time.

You have just entered the twilight zone..... :naughty:

FYI - The problem was the ground - or lack of. After I fixed the ground issue and wired it like you said the brake light works fine. So you were right on the wiring connections :naughty:

Sorry mate i have not been on the site for some time, sounds like you had a good earth fault. Good to hear you`ve fixed it :naughty: Keep thumping. :naughty:

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