Rocker cover breather pipe, what route?

Hi guys, i'm currently rebuilding a 2002 WR426F from the ground up (which i'm coverting into a motard) and have come across a bit of a dilemna? The oil breather pipe on the top cover was routed across the top of the engine and into the airbox near the TPS connection, but in my manual it is pictured going down the front of the frame and tucking in underneath the timing cover by the looks of the pic? well, the reason i'm a bit concerned as to it's correct route is after reading some stuff on here yesterday about some guys questions with regards to "milky drops of oil" occasionally spitting out of this pipe after a long ride etc? i know that's normal, condensation etc, but if this was going into the airbox, then i don't think it'd be too kind for the nice clean air in there as it'd be sucked back into the engine and surely clogging the filter? Am i being a bit over the top or is it best to route the pipe so it spits out any crap onto the road beneath etc? anyone have any suggestions for the best method/route?

have some pics of my build progress if anyones interested, but can't fathom out how to upload them?

thanks guys and gals.... :naughty:

for motard, route it stock {down the frame}. for dirt you want it up into the airbox for water crossings.

From the factory they run down the frame and along the bottom of the motor where it spews gunk all over the left peg mount. I routed mine to where it runs down the frame and straight down from there. I do deep water crossings and have had no problems.

It only matters for water crossings if you stall the bike in the water and then try to kick it over with the end of the breather in the water.

Ok, thanks guys, it looks like it's down the frame route then, coz it'll be mainly used on the roads and i don't expect too many rivers to cross, so no need of worrying about sucking water in? but then again, i do intend taking it to the TT (iom TT that is) and it is notorious for torrential rain there during the racing? :naughty:

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