Well I did a total idiot move...some how my fuel screw (pilot screw) fell out on a ride 20 miles outside of town. Had to push it to a 7-11 to call and get help. I'm such a dork! I guess I had it turned out too far...It is costing me $46 bucks to get a new one $30 parts $16 for second day air...DOH!!! The dumb ass move of the week.

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Hey, stuff happens. Since the screw is recessed a bit, I wonder why the carb manufacturers can't install a cheap rubber plug with a small tab to make it easy to pull out for adjustments? It would keep things like this from happening. Of course, the rider has to remember to reinstall the plug when he's finished with the screw.


You know. . .sometimes it's better NOT to admit things like this. It has a tendency to follow you around. :)

Pain in the a*s when stuff like that happens, isn't it?!?


'00 WR, YZ modified, MX-Tech suspension, EKR jetting by James; Geoff's excellent enduro mounting kit; what a KICK in the a&*!!

why so much mine was bent ,I got a new one forless and you can get one at carb parts warehouse even cheaper......

Yeah I know Fred...BUT I want to ride some time this week...ya know how it goes. And I don't have a credit card...rather pay cash...of coarse I could of C.O.D.ed it...another DOH!

Well, your not alone on this one! I did the same thing on my previous XR400. Fortunately, it would still run (& backfire) above 1/4 throttle. I was at the top of a nice long downhill when I discovered it had fallen out, so I push started it and rode the thing back to the truck. My buddy had a spare carb handy, so I put a single wrap of teflon tape on the screw, and it never fell out again. A larger pilot jet later allowed the screw to be in farther and tighter.

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