99/01 Front wheel on my 04WR450

I'm hoping some of you can advise me on this.. I recently picked up an 01 YZ250 front wheel to use on my WR for sand trips, and today found a great deal on a 99WR400 front wheel.

Now I know both will fit my bike from reading here. But what do I need to use either one on MY bike?

Am I correct in thinking:

01 YZ wheel; need 01 YZ250 wheel spacers and an odometer drive eliminator from flatland racing.

99 WR wheel; need 99WR400 wheel spacers only. Can use my current odometer drive hub so no other parts needed.

What I'd like to do is keep the wheel that is easiest to use and sell the other... Please let me know if you can advise me!

Thanks in advance,

i THINK both will work with your 450 wheel spacers.

but i have never tried. let us know.

Hmmmm; anyone else have any idea? One way or another I'll post and let everyone know. But it would be nice to save a bit of $$$ in the process!

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